PM Kishida Reveals Japan Will Obtain 400 Tomahawk Missiles From United States

The projectiles, to be released on Aegis-equipped destroyers, will certainly include in Japan’s counteraction ability.


Japan’s Head of state Kishida Fumio has actually revealed strategies to bulk-order 400 Tomahawk cruise ship projectiles from the USA in 2023, beginning in April, as component of his federal government’s strategy to strengthen the counteraction ability of the Japan Protection Forces (JSDF).

The statement came as a shock to lots of due to the fact that the Ministry of Protection (MoD) in Tokyo normally does not formally divulge the variety of projectiles held or obtained by the JSDF.

” The variety of projectiles as well as device costs held by the SDF has actually not been released in order not to expose the warfighting sustainability of the SDF,” Kishida stated at a Legislature Spending plan Board session in Tokyo on February 27.

” Yet we have actually chosen to introduce it this time around due to the fact that the general public is really thinking about Tomahawk [missiles], as well as the USA will certainly likewise introduce the optimum quantity of [Tomahawk] projectiles to be offered to Japan as component of [explanatory] procedure for the united state Congress,” Kishida described.

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Protection Priest Hamada Yasukazu stated at a routine interview on February 14 that the MoD will certainly make a covering agreement with Raytheon Technologies Corp to get Tomahawks with the united state federal government’s international armed forces sales program throughout the following fiscal year.

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The MoD safeguarded 211.3 billion yen ($ 1.55 billion) to obtain U.S.-made long-range Tomahawk cruise ship projectiles. The MoD stated it will certainly release the Tomahawks in 2026-27. Tokyo is anticipated to get the most up to date design Tomahawk Block V to be outfitted onto Japan Maritime Protection Pressure (JMSDF) Aegis-equipped destroyers.

According to Janes Defense: Naval, the Tomahawk has a variety of in between 550 as well as 2,500 kilometers, relying on the variation. This offers Japan the array to strike opponents in the area. One of the most current variations of the rocket– marked Block IV– are incorporated with a datalink to make it possible for the changing of targets while in trip as well as can loitering for “long term period,” according to Janes.

The Block V variation likewise offers the entrance factor for 2 extra sub-variants: the Block Va variation, which includes a candidate package to make it possible for the prosecution of relocating maritime targets, as well as the Block Vb variation, which presents a brand-new multi-effects dangerous plan instead of the existing unitary warhead, according to Janes. It is still uncertain which alternative Japan will certainly purchase this phase.


The Tomahawk will certainly function as a “bridge” for the JSDF up until the implementation of locally generated projectiles.

The MoD intends to release an extended-range variation of the locally established Kind 12 Surface-to-Ship Projectile as a stand-off rocket. This rocket will certainly be run by the military, the navy, as well as the flying force in various versions. The ministry intends to release the ground-launched key in 2026, the ship-launched key in 2028, as well as the aircraft-launched key in 2030.

The MoD has actually been likewise servicing a supposed hypervelocity moving projectile (HVGP). The tool, which is anticipated to have a variety of a number of hundred kilometers to a number of thousand kilometers, is developed for launch making use of a rocket electric motor, with the projectile, or move lorry, dividing from it at a high elevation and afterwards moving at hypersonic rates to its target.

The HVGP, which is meant to be utilized in safeguarding Japan’s remote southwestern islands, will certainly be established in 2 versions– Block I as well as Block II– with the last including higher rate as well as ability to move, according to the ministry’s Procurement, Innovation as well as Logistics Company. Block I is set up to be released from 2026, as well as Block II to be released in the very early 2030s.

Additionally, the MoD intends to release a hypersonic cruise ship rocket in the very first fifty percent of the 2030s.

Japan fears to overtake nations such as Russia, China, as well as North Korea, every one of which are making quick progression with their hypersonic tool programs.